2022 NDMTSS Conference

The NDMTSS Conference is held annually in June and is a joint effort between the South East Education Cooperative and the Central Regional Education Association. Our Conference Planning Committee consists of regional education association staff, district-level MTSS Coordinators, Special Education directors, Department of Public Instruction staff, and additional experts from the region. This group works collaboratively to bring the hot topics, needs, and wants from the field in order to create and develop a GREAT experience every year ensuring you get the quality professional learning you NEED and DESERVE!

We hope you take advantage of this conference to expand your own network of support by meeting and learning with others from across the state and across the country on how to further develop systems that support all learners academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

2022 Keynote Presenters include:
– Tessie Bailey, AIR PROGRESS Center
– Tara Brown, The Connection Coach
– Amanda VanDerHeyden, SpringMath
– Andratesha Fritzgerald, Building Blocks of Brillance, LLC
– Stephanie Malia Krauss, First Quarter Strategies

Using Social Stories to Support Emotional Functioning Skill Development in Young Children

This training focuses on the importance of guiding and developing a child’s emotional functioning, building a child’s ability to recognize and label feelings while working individually and with others. The literacy strategy social stories will be introduced and discussed as a tool for building a child’s emotional functioning. You will reflect on how interactions, early childhood environments, literacy strategies, and individualization with children are used to build a child’s emotional functioning skills.