Power Struggles. Successful Techniques for Educators– Book Read Stripe Payment

1 Credit — Self-Paced Class
It’s every educator’s worst nightmare: a small classroom disruption evolves into a long-term, lose-lose classroom battle. In the second edition of Power Struggles, the authors offer a watertight set of theories, strategies, and prevention on how to defuse classroom disturbances while maintaining integrity and dignity along the way.

At the root of this resource you’ll find real-world stories of these strategies in action. Thoughtful activities and easy-to-learn methods of intervention will guide and support you. And, after developing a refined understanding of the root causes of misbehavior, you’ll embark on a path toward creating deeper, more meaningful learning in a behaviorally diverse classroom.

All Learning is Social and Emotional

1 Credit Book Read (online)

While social and emotional learning is most familiar as compartmentalized programs separate from academics, the truth is, all learning is social and emotional. What teachers say, the values we express, the materials and activities we choose, and the skills we prioritize all influence how students think, see themselves, and interact with content and with others.

The Resilience Break-through

1 Credit Book Read (Online)

Christian Moore is convinced that each of us has a power hidden within, something that can get us through any kind of adversity. That power is resilience.

As he shares engaging real-life stories and brutally honest analysis of his own experiences, Moore equips you with twenty-seven resilience-building tools that you can start using today–in your personal life or in your organization.