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Every year, this conference is built with YOU in mind. Everyone who works to create more effective and efficient learning systems that support ALL students!

The 2024 NDMTSS Conference brings experts, partners, and ND schools together to learn, empower, and expand networks. The schedule offers specific strands on Leadership, Math, Standards-Based Learning, Behavior, Instruction, Assessment, and Literacy. Explore unique school experiences, stories, lessons, solutions, and initiatives in ND School Journey sessions. To register, click here.

Driving Math Success Through Intentional Unit Planning

Calling all North Dakota teachers!

The NDREA is excited to announce a NEW Math professional learning series for Spring/Summer 2024: Driving Math Success Through Intentional Unit Planning, facilitated by Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad!

The primary audience for this series is K-12 Math classroom educators.  We encourage you and your Math supporting staff to attend!  Further support for Driving Math Success Through Intentional Unit Planning will be available Fall 2024 through leadership coaching from Dr. Lang-Raad.

This offering is supported by the ND Department of Public Instruction and is part of the NDREA’s work to assist schools in enhancing Effective Math Instruction across the state.

Sessions are offered in Fargo AND Bismarck:

May 1, June 19-20 BISMARCK

May 2, June 17-18 FARGO

Session 1: Join us at our Math Summit for an engaging kick-off workshop tailored to redefine the success parameters of math education. Immerse yourself in an exploration of high-yield strategies and 10 essential design questions crucial for cultivating a thriving math classroom. This unique event is designed with a backwards design approach, offering you a glimpse into the dynamics of a successful math classroom, complemented by actionable strategies that aim to transform your teaching methods. Prepare to set a strong foundation for unit planning with an insightful journey from envisioning the peak of math teaching success to mapping out the actionable steps to get there in our June session. Whether you’re in the East or West, gear up for an engaging experience that will empower you with the tools and insights to inspire a love for math in your classroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow educators and begin shaping the future of math education!

Session 2: Enhance your math instruction and planning with our Unit Planning Mastery workshop, specifically designed for math educators striving for the highest standards of excellence. Over the course of two days, engage in deep dives into strategic unit planning and constructing a year-long proficiency calendar, while also developing effective assessment tools, all aligned to the new North Dakota math standards. These standards highlight crucial math attributes aimed at solving real-world problems and boosting reasoning skills, placing a significant emphasis on establishing strong numeracy foundations for sophisticated problem-solving abilities. Participants will conclude the workshop having mapped out their first unit plan and equipped with the expertise to sustain effective planning throughout the academic year, ensuring a transformative impact on their teaching approach and student outcomes.

Virtual: Complete as you go, as it complements the content provided during each of the face-to-face learning sessions.

To enhance and support your learning journey, we’re introducing an asynchronous online course. This custom course is built to complement both the kickoff in May and the unit planning workshop in June, providing an engaging repository of resources. Designed with the flexibility to fit into your schedule, this course includes preparation materials for the June session and extends its support beyond, with a focus on the development of assessment tasks directly aligned with unit plans. This course ensures that you will not only gain immediate insights and strategies from the workshops but also receive ongoing support to implement these strategies effectively, thereby maximizing the impact on teaching practices and student learning outcomes.