Laying the Foundation (LTF) – National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI)

The Laying the Foundation (LTF) portion of National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) was kicked off in June 2015 and, after receiving extremely positive feedback from participants, successful 2016, 2017, and 2018 events were held. The NDDPI and NMSI have secured the dates and location for the Summer 2019 LTF event.

Career Explorer Seminar

The Career Explorer Seminar is a hands-on professional development opportunity for teachers, counselors, and administrators. High school instructors, counselors, and administrators are invited to experience new and emerging technologies in fields such as electronics, administration, and health care.

This four-day event will highlight the latest technology used in the academic areas listed: Electronics, Humanities, Criminal Justice/Management, Health, Energy, Administrative Assistant, HVAC, and GIS/Engineering Technology.

June 3 – 6, 2019 — Seminar at Bismarck State College- See full schedule on our website.