NDCEL Fall Conference 2020

The NDCEL Fall Conference is an awesome opportunity for North Dakota’s educational leaders to learn and to get energized for the school year. During the conference participants have three days of learning from national speakers for keynotes and local presenters that bring in the local flair for breakouts. The Conference is focused on giving participants the motivation and tools to make the school year a successful and productive one. At this years conference we will have Ravi Hutheesing from Ravi Unites. Ravi bridges cultures, unites generations, and empowers audiences with cultural competency, generational empathy, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

ND Indian Education Summit

Please join us for the 7th annual North Dakota Indian Education Summit for great information on a variety of topics affecting our Native American students, families, and schools.

2020 ND Early Childhood Institute

The ND Head Start Association is partnering with the ND Home Visitation Coalition to provide a fabulous day of training on the “Energy Bus”.

No one can foresee the future, but Niki Spears can help you prepare for the ride of your life as she introduces you to leadership principles that will transform you and your organization. Niki’s dynamic and candid style will place teams in the driver’s seat as they prepare to take the wheel and discover the power of taking 100% responsibilities for their thoughts, actions and results. Participants walk away aware and enlightened as they focus on how their own behaviors are hindering their future success.

Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible

This interactive workshop is designed for content teachers, EL teachers, and coordinators. In this session, participants will explore research-based strategies for supporting ELs’ engagement with grade-level academic content. Through the use of interactive activities and classroom video clips, participants will explore strategies for scaffolding academic tasks to meet the needs of ELs of varying proficiency levels. They will also learn and apply research-based strategies for supporting ELs’ academic language development through vocabulary instruction and focused instruction of academic language at the sentence and discourse levels. To wrap up the session, participants will apply these instructional strategies to their own teaching contexts.

All participants will receive a copy of the bestselling book Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Making Content Accessible. Participants will take away practical strategies for effective instruction of ELs and will leave the day with clear goals for supporting ELs in their context.

Participants are requested to bring a laptop or other device for use during the workshop and a lesson plan they have used or will use with their students.